General Slot Features

Slots can be learned to played by a new player very easily as they are one of the most convenient games in casinos. To keep players interested, they have many different themes designed on many different subjects. Although no two slots are exactly the same, they all share general features that tend to occur from one machine to another.

These features include:

1. Wild Symbol
The wild symbol is one of the best symbols on a slot machine. All players appreciate it because it replaces and substitutes for almost all the other symbols on a slot and thus boosts your chances of winning significantly. The paytable will detail what the wild symbol can replace, and occasionally you will also find that the wild symbol will act as a multiplier when it is used in a winning combination.

2. Scatter Symbol
The feature of the scatter symbol that makes it stand out from other symbols is that it can earn a payout and the player need not worry about which paylines are active, as the scatter does not need to fall on an active payline in order to be valid. All you have to do is spin the required number, generally two or more, and you will receive a payout.

3. Free Spins
Another great feature on slot machines is the round of free spins. There are different ways of activating this feature, but a common trigger is to spin three or more scatter symbols. The reels will then spin and you will be able to collect the profits without having to pay for the spins. Occasionally, the free spins will take place on a different set of reels..

4. Bonus Games
Of all the features available on slot machines, players look forward to playing bonus games the most. They are generally based around the theme of the slot and are a chance for the designers of the slot game to show off their skills in designing a feature that is attractive, entertaining and lucrative. Like free spins, bonus games have different modes of activation and some are randomly triggered. If the slot has a progressive jackpot, it will often be linked to the bonus game.

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