The various different themes associated with slots make them a hot favourite of players all around the world, but the prize money that comes with each win is also an attraction. The reel spins and if luck plays its hand in it, handsome pay outs are earned making slots an earner like no other.

But what kinds of jackpots are available on these fascinating games?

Jackpots that are slowly and steadily on the rise whenever a new round of the game is played are called Progressive Jackpots. All players around the world are linked to each other, so no matter where you are playing you will see the progressive jackpot increase. The jackpot can be linked to that particular game, or linked to a series of games on the same software network.

Progressive jackpots build with every game that is played until one lucky winner gets the jackpot money. After it has been claimed, the progressive jackpot is then reset to a pre-determined minimum level. Progressive jackpots are often associated with the bonus games on the slot, making them fun to play for even if they don’t win them.

Although progressive jackpots are very lucrative, the fact that non-progressive jackpots are slots are very exciting to play means that they are in demand as well. Since they are not linked between slots, non-progressive jackpots are tend to be smaller or not as large as that with progressive jackpots, but it’s still enough to attract many players. Non-progressive jackpots are won when a certain event happens on the slot, like the wild symbol appearing in form of a stack on all reels or multiple scatters all through the screen etc.

Though jackpots are very lucrative, some players prefer to play for fun and are not that interested in chasing a jackpot. If you have a favourite slot that doesn’t have a jackpot or if you simply like regular and frequent payouts, you may not be enticed by jackpot slots. However, if you have never tried playing for a jackpot before, make sure you give it a go at least once – it’s a thrill ride and you might end up changing your life!

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